The only product that digitally on boards patients as they arrive in Urgent/Emergency care through the smartphone.

The check-in process supports triage

producing acuity scores and recommended redirection.

Product Features


Our cloud based platform is safe, scalable & adaptable

Improves time to triage by up to 50%, reduces waiting times & improves safety

  • No adding to queue time as no limit to onboarding capacity at any one time

  • No infection control risk unlike use of hardware

  • Patient more confident entering data into their own personal device due to confidentiality and privacy

  • Time to integrate significantly quicker than implementing hardware solution

  • No maintenance required unlike hardware solutions

  • No app download required

Patients have visibility of the waiting time

Hospitals understand who is in their waiting room and why

to triage



Technology features

Our product has been guided by those who
understand the current demands on the NHS more than anyone. Doctors.

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • Patient identification; PDS lookup – Perform PDS (spine) search and match

  • Encounter creation
    (Eg HL7, ADT , ORU)

  • Acuity scoring

  • Critical illness flagging

  • Redirection suggestion

  • Translator function

  • Smart template triage document

  • ECDS field population

  • Waiting time estimation

Integration & Set up

Our automatic patient onboarding is a seamless experience for UEC staff significantly reducing the admin burden. Patient Check-In integrates directly into your hospital’s management system

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